Friday, 14 November 2008

So now i've got this and yet im still thoroughly confused

So ive joined the forum, i've started this blog and my storyboards are going along nicely. I've got to admit, having a blog is really rather strange, i kinda feel like i should be making comments like "my parents just dont understand me" and "Why dont girls like me??" but sadly im not a pre pubescent emo teenager but more a 21 year old trying to pass an animation degree so i cant really pull that off.
So the concept for my film is:

George is an overweight forestry worker. He loves nature and wants nothing more than to climb up the trees and have a closer look at the birds nests, squirrels and all of that malarky. Unfortunately, because of George's weight and how frail the trees are the branches cant hold his weight and every time he tries to climb up them he ends up on his arse at the base of a tree. Now obviously this is making George quite upset so he decides its time to change. He puts all his junk food and snacks into a large sack, drives out at night and buries the sack at the roots of a tree. We come back six months later (after a nice little time lapse shot) and George has lost loads of weight and is now a healthy size. The tree however has managed to get it's roots into the sack of junk food and has become massive and fat (enter some awesome drawings of a fat tree) and now George can go and sit and have his lunch up in the tree with the birds and squirrels and whatnot.

I could right a whole load of stuff about the thoughts behind it and the metaphorical meaning of it, but i think ill save that for another day.


Ryan Herbert said...

haha nice twist, does the fat tree have any consequences like i burps and farts scaring the birds away?

Solent animation said...

might be quite useful to share the thoughts behind the film, if only to make your mission clearer to yourself